Bluca whitepaper v1.3.0 on 29 Jan 2022

What is Bluca?

Bluca is a blockchain-based game that combines fun gamification and quality of the NFT.
Players can enjoy collecting Blucamon varieties, breeding, evolving, and exploring the world at Bluca. Along the way, you'll come across a lot of unique NFT. Our goal is simple: build a game that people will enjoy and acquire, while also making the NFT appealing and collectible.


In the Blucaverse, "Alisia" is a massive magical planet. Long ago, it was discovered and many mysterious stories were told about it. Every creature in this universe possesses a magical ability known as "Elements." There are dozens of elements, with "Fire," "Water," "Wind," "Metal," and "Nature".
The potency of these creatures, also known as "Blucamon," is determined by their rarity and DNA genes. Every "Explorer," as we call ourselves, wishes to acquire these Blucamon.

Let's explore the Bluca world

All good? Let's explore deep down to the details! 🥳
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