5 Regions in Keolin are totally different in terms of climate.
Keolin, the central continent
Dear Explorer, are you ready to explore in each region?
To begin, you must first prepare the Blucamon to explore each sub-region. Each region has a sub-region to explore.
Each sub-region has a condition to explore, then you'll have a possibility of succeeding. That is to say, the "power," "rareness," and "elements" are crucial for you to choose.
Explorers can deploy up to 4 blucamons per sub-region and have up to 5 tickets to explore at once. This means you can only utilize a total of 4*5 = 20 blucamons per day.


Keolin is divided into five regions, harder to explore respectively.


Forests, flora, herbivores, and a mysterious waterfall exist in this region. This area is safe for explorers, as it is largely occupied by calm blucamon.


Is it true that winter is approaching? This is not the case. This area has a year-round cold climate. The majority of the blucamon in this area can survive the cold, but not with humans.
This is where humanity's capital city is located. In the town's heart, a massive sakura tree stands surrounded by human building.
Bone Scrape
A bone-filled wasteland. This is a dangerous spot, and explorers should only enter if they have a strong blucamon.
Dragon used to live here, but we have no idea where they are or why they vanished. Maybe they're all extinct, but what are the chances? A powerful magical wind blows through this area. If you're a rookie, stay away from this area.


When you finish exploring the sub-region, the chest will appear as a reward (in case that you have won).
The chest rareness is from Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond.
Region 4 and 5 have a chance to drop Diamond Chest
But what can chest do? what is it?
The chest has a chance to drop "Emerald", "Spirit", "Fragments", and "Amethyst"
Chest reward
These are the rewards and items you can exchange.
  • Emerald: Use for purchase a booster item.
  • Spirit: Use for leveling up the blucamon.
  • Fragments: Use to redeem some blucamon that is available in the region.
  • Amethyst: A rare stone used for purchase a limited blucamon.