Here are the details you need to know about the little cute Blucamon
Blucamon is an NFT creature in the Bluca world. Each of them is unique by their DNA genes. There are 3 types of Blucamon
Have to say that these creatures are inspired by Pokemon (Our childhood memories)
A standard Blucamon that can be found by using $SCR or in Alisia
Only available via partner events
Only available in Alisia in the limited of time

Blucamon population

We are very careful about the population of the NFT. Don't want inflation or deflation to occur in our ecosystem. So we create a balanced burn and generate mechanics
To prevent inflation:
  • Evolution system
  • Breeding conditions
To prevent deflation:
  • Tokens to redeem the NFT
  • In-game fragments to redeem the NFT
  • Breeding
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