Purity value is special and cannot be change Purity is used to boost most attributes when leveling up the blucamon Purity is affected when choosing a skill to the blucamon (On Blucaland) Purity is affected to the power when evolving
Let’s get some examples of how purity matters to the blucamons
Upgrade power

Case 1: Level up

We’ve got a Transvaal Lion — Bronze form with the purity of 80
Transvaal Lion — Bronze form
To level up, you need to use the spirit (Can be found in Alisia) for upgrading the blucamon.
Assume that we get enough of spirit to level up the blucamon from Lv.1 -> Lv.10
Power Lv.1 Power: 10 Lv.10 Power: +27 to +63
Power has changed from 10 -> 73
6 Main Attributes Luck, Accuracy, Attack, Intelligence, Agility, Adaptability
Normally, when you level up the blucamon, the attributes are increased +1/level and +2/level depending on the God of that blucamon
Lv.1: Luck, Accuracy, Attack, Intelligence, Agility, Adaptability: 20 Lv.10: Luck: 20 -> 38 (Due to Goddess of Luck) Others: 20 -> 29
Despite the basic level up, the purity can have a chance to gain more bonus attributes (+1) randomly each time you level up for the blucamon
** Chance to get a bonus attributes depends on the PURITY value ** Purity value starts at 1–100 that’s mean 1%-100% chance to get bonus attributes
For example, from level 1 to 10, you get 7 from 9 bonus attributes randomly Adaptability: 29 -> 32 (+3) Luck: 38 -> 40 (+2) Accuracy: 29 -> 30 (+1) Attack: 29 -> 30 (+1)

Case 2: Evolution

We want to evolve the Transvaal lion from Bronze to Silver form Purity value starts at 1–100, can boost the power when evolving 10%-30%
Purity: 50 Power: 73 + (40 x 1.2) = 121
Bronze -> Silver