The problem
It all begins with a problem. It's only the beginning of the industry, exactly like in the NFT realm. The new methods to play, collect, and earn.
1) Most of the platforms are using P2E (Play to Earn). Everyone wants to play and earn regardless of what NFT should look like. WE'RE NOT!
We want to build differently than others. We are P2C and P2E - Play to collect, Play to earn
"Special NFT Platform with fun gamification and quality of art"
We wish to make an NFT game that is not only entertaining, but also high in quality for explorers to acquire.
Isn't it good if the NFTs we play have a higher chance of being collectible? There are numerous types of Blucamon to collect, as well as a journey that will take you to another world of fantasy.
2) Overpopulated: We want to make sure that the amount of NFT supplied is balanced. As well as adjusting the game so that "pay to win" players do not have an easy time winning.
The mission
  • Making a balance between finance and gaming
  • The gaming is fun to play
  • NFT is worth collecting, not just a piece of graphics
  • Players can earn
  • Players can gain privilege from the NFT they had